Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Two Buddies & Dogs

Let me introduce you to my two buddies, Yee Haw and Choon Yen. Friends since Form 6. Two very different personalities.

Yee Haw being adventurous, loves outdoor, always on the go, athletic, animal lover (he is my personal vet, consultation free for life! Yeaman...that's the deal we had even before he embark on his journey to become a vet). He was my head-pig-fat (head prefect). Just a brief history on his aspiring journey to becoming a vet. He retained a year for Form 6 because he was not offered the course he wanted. But guess what happened? He was offered back the same course after re-sitting his STPM! So off he was sent to Terengganu, finished his 1st year with flying colours and asked for a transfer to UPM, the only local uni which offers veterinarian courses. He got in! I still remember that particular phone call he made to me :) We were uni mates from that day onwards. After 5 years, let me present to you *drum rolls* DR GAN!

Choon Yen, on the other hand, is 'lazy', doesn't even like the sun, analytical (engineer mah..he wouldn't let me get down the car until his points are taken) and his definition of exercise is sleeping. What he means by punctual is leaving his house punctually at the time he said he will be fetching me, I always add 15mins to his timing. He drives skillfully reckless and you should listen to his hokkien, real funny at times.

But they both have something in common, great buddies! They would fetch me at odd & ungodly hours when I needed transport, travel high & low in search of good food, sacrificing hours listening to each other's love stories and going to work zombified the next day...just to name a few. Even in this picture, Choon Yen wanted tandoori for dinner and I refused. I wanted hawkers food. And so, as friends do, they teman me for my hawkers and in return, I teman them for their tandoori later :) I hope they will encounter and know Jesus one day

Dr Gan got his dates mixed up on a dog show and we ended up in a pet shop instead, since it was raining outside anyway. We were waiting for the rain to stop to go jogging. Although I prefer big dogs to the toy dogs, but it was a nice evening

Shih Tzu

Mini Pincher


Beagle & Jack Russel...awww, look at those eyes. How could you not love 'em?

Dr Gan fell in love at first sight with this Maltese. He is quite a cutie, I must say

On our way to Youth Park for a jog, we bump into this beeewtifuuul retriever loitering on the streets. We kept trailing him, went down to pat him and I know it sounded silly but yea, I asked him "Hey boy, are you lost? Where's your home?". We opened the car door and Dr Gan said, "If you managed to persuade him to get into the car, I'll take him home". Well, he refuses. Aihs. Moments later, his owner turned up


kiawin said...

wah wah.... got discount for dogs ah? :)

enn@j said...

itu pet shop not my friend's one la. we just walk in aje

the retriever!!! *one of my most favourite dogs* I'm in dreamland now...

aronil said...

aiyooooooooooooo sooooo cutteeee laaaaaa

enn@j said...

ya ya so cuuuuutteeee rite? reminded u of our pet shop visit previously? Haha