Monday, November 19, 2007

Blessed Birthday to Mummy

Yesterday, lunch with mom @ Food Loft, Gurney Plaza

Trying to be creative (taking my own shadow)

The resemblance, a glimpse of how I will look when older

One of the reasons why I came back to Penang


I remember telling God, in order for me to move on again, away from Penang, will need to take something bigger than my family. The reason I came back to Penang and some see it as 'losing' out on my career in KL, is because of my family. I knew at that point, He wanted me home. God needs to open the door real WIDE if I'm meant to move on next that I know, that is the path I must take. I desire nothing more than to live the life He intended me to have...and usually God's plan is a far cry from a bed of roses or what you can think of. Its tougher but greater!
Every stage is a preparation for the next


aronil said...

Hello babes!

Aww thats so sweet. I can see where you get your eyes from hehe... Mommy dearest. But you do look a lot like a younger version of your mom :)

enn@j said...

haha I'm my mom's daughter mah
You should have seen her younger day pictures...we are very much alike :)