Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Alan Low

He sang, walking in with his bride. Sweet

4 'soh-low'

5 beauties

Spending a night and 1/2 day at Melaka, with Candice & Erica


Looking back, again God amazes me. I first met Candice and Erica a few years back, stayed in their rooms in my first visit to UM. Things were different back then, even who I was...such a sad soul. They reminded me the state that I was in and how much God has done for me. Also, am glad I'm no longer 'branded' as a person associated to another person but accepted simply for who I am. Yes I will forever be grateful, Thank You Lord

Thank You Alan for inviting me to be a part of your special day. Weddings should be a celebration of Love & God's Faithfulness, alongside with friends who have impacted the couple in some ways or another. An occasion to be shared with people who matters, a testimony of the Great Love who made the relationship possible. Each of us have our own love story, I prayed mine will be a beauty to tell about one day. A beauty not because it will be a bed of roses but because God's hands is upon it. I believe, it is amazing when you discover love, when two souls are walking their own life journey seeking God above all else...and unexpectedly found each other. But sometimes, its quite hard to identify...and to be indentified...

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