Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A desperate cry

Dear God,

Please help
Hear me
I can't take it anymore
Please don't make me stay any longer. It has reached my limit
It has already killed my body and soon, my sanity.

It's a vicious, never-ending cycle.
I've arrived at the edge of the cliff
I find it hard to hold on, please don't ask me to
It will turn me to an ugly rebellious monster
My Joy seemed to be drying up
Please provide a way out soon, I'm crying out in desperation

Some tell me, don't worry. You are meant for great things ahead. Your life will be extraordinary because you go through more than an average person.
I tell you, my life - a failure...I'm far from any sort of greatness. I can't even live the life I desire or pursue my passion and dreams and the clock is ticking by as I type here. Jeremiah 29:11 is in a blurry stage as of now


Aronil said...

Dear Joanne,

Don't feel distressed, i know this line has been over used. So I will not say what I think you already know is in your heart and mind. But keep your chin up. Take the pain you are in.. as much as unbearable with a pinch of salt...I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Lots of hugs and you know God loves you, as do I.

Have faith my dear, things will pull through. Nothing escapes His capable and graceful hand.

enn@j said...

Thanks and I had a wonderful time chatting with you in the car. though brief....u know when la :p

Grown to love u too sis :)