Thursday, December 06, 2007

Writing a grateful list helps

I took Phui's advise yesterday (thanks dear). At the height of my 'pek-chekness' along the road called Stress and streets called Mundane, sanity was at war.
She told me to write down on paper Things I'm Most Grateful For Vs Things I'm Least Grateful For

It helped

It didn't change the fact that I'm still desperate to get out at where I am but it made me realised of the blessings I have. My situation isnt't as bad as I felt. And I am reminded of my friend,wan yean's dad, who is diagnosed with bone cancer, quite critical stage. I bumped into him during my visit to GH 2 weeks ago.

One of my list :
I'm most grateful for Good Health, though down with flu but I have no major illness, which means I still have opportunities to pursue my dreams and continue living.

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