Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Penang 1st Street Dance Competition

Sunday, 9th Dec @ New World Park.

I can testify, Penang have good dancers!
(apologies for the quality of these pictures, camera settings couldn't be adjusted to the one I wanted...or it was just a user problem ;p)

The last 2 pictures were performances by the judges themselves. The solo animation piece was real cool! In the last picture, the guy in the middle is Sean, one of the top 10 finalists in So You Think You Can Dance Season 1. And the guy at far corner (right) is my hip hop instructor, Albert...but I have been MIA from classes for few months now, BZ. Yea, notice I spelt with capitals B-Z! I must say, Albert great job!

The winning team deserved a loud applaud too for their juxtapose performance of mixing hip hop with the 'unhip-hop' music, a piano piece...more for ballet, yet managed to incorporate hip-hop steps in a mime-like piece. I thought it was creatively belted out

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Aronil said...

The last picture on the left... is the guys name Joel? If yes, he is part of Christian Fellowship of Dance and he teaches breakdance too.

enn@j said...

Nah, he's not Joel. But I know which Joel you are referring to. Urban Groove is sort of under CDFM and yes, there is one in Penang now

You should check out the KL one and tell be about it :)