Thursday, December 13, 2007

Uncle Choy Soon has gone Home

Wan Yean's dad, uncle Choy Soon, passed away at 12.45am this morning

I felt bad. I took things for granted. I learnt a hard lesson

I wanted to visit him in GH last saturday but was tired after work. At the same time, wanted to spend time with mom to catch a movie just to chill after 2 weeks being at the peak of stress.

I thought, I'll see him this saturday. But it's too late now..I can only store the memory of uncle choy soon when I did a quick 10 minutes visit after I bumped into wan yean at GH 3 weeks ago. I remember I told uncle choy soon, "I'll come and see you again soon". I didn't

NEVER make the same mistake like me...NEVER

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