Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Caged Children!

The Czech Republic banned the use of cage-like beds in children's care homes a year ago, under international pressure. But as Clive Myrie reports for the Ten O'Clock News, secret filming shows the use of the beds goes on.
BBC : Filming reveals Czech children still caged

Now this news makes me real angry. Wait, angry is an understatement! FURIOUS! How can they do this? Just because someone is mentally and physically disabled doesnt mean they deserved such treatment! To be caged?! No difference from an animal!

And read what Martin Zarsky, from the Ministry of Social Affairs said "Based on what I've seen, we will establish immediately an inspection team. Sanctions could follow - the most serious being to withhold the care home's licence.
We are trying. It's difficult to put in a comprehensive system of monitoring overnight with independent experts. The new law is only 12 months old. We need time."

NEED MORE TIME?! Hello?! How much more time do you need? Until another child sunk into depression and gave up on living? if the law already banned this, why do you need time to even implement something which has already been implemented?!

I don't believe being mentally or physically disabled, whether it's severe or non-severe, should deserve such a low treatment from the society! There are no disabilities with God, Just a different design, still precious in His eyes. Yes, this group of children needs help and by caging them, it doesnt help them to live, it only helps them to DIE! To not even fight anymore for their living, to give up their 'fate', to be broken in just another expression of dying.

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