Friday, January 18, 2008

Blood donation, my first time

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I just came back from Gleanegles Medical Center, where my friend's mom is warded because she is suffering from stomach cancer, advanced stage. She needs blood, any type. Friends in Penang, if any of you would like to contribute, please go to GMC and say it's for Madam Chew ROOM 403

On a normal day, I would never volunteer for any blood donation because I'm afraid of needles. However this time, I went and for a person who don't have breakfast regularly, the nurse advised me to go for breakfast first (clumsy me, I left my handphone at the hawker stall, only realised when I reached the hospital. Thank God it's only behind the hospital and the aunty kept for me)

Had my blood checked, I'm perfectly fine to donate. Now its time for blood pressure check, mine measured 108/58, slightly low especially for a first time donor. So the doctor advised me to go jalan for a while to let my just consumed breakfast digest and come back in half an hour to re-count my BP. This time its ngam ngam borderline 110/60! Woohoo!

I told the doctor I was scared and I wouldnt do it on a normal occasion, she was such a nice person. She gave me bius. I didn't look the whole process, I just can't bear to look. She constantly checked on me, asking if I'm ok, whether I was dizzy. I guess she was concerned due to my low blood pressure (now I know..haha). Surprisingly, I'm perefectly fine :) And the whole process wasn't scary at all or even painful, just minor needles prick. Now i have a card, phui says if you donate blood for 3 times, you'll get a free jab for Hep B. I don't think I'll do it again la unless it's for a friend. But it feels rather great to start your day knowing that your blood can be of help to others

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