Monday, January 28, 2008

Gong Yoo

I first met him here Coffee Prince. He didn't leave much impact in me. But it was here that he caught my heart Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy aka Hello My Teacher. This was his earlier series. Watching him episodes after episodes made me fall for him even more *hmmm..launching into day dreaming mode* (I can see some of you making faces! Haha)

Sometimes in real life, it happens too. A person does not catch our eyes when we first meet. Just vivid memories. But fast forward the clock to a distant future and meeting again in another time, another occasion, it may just change your whole perspective on the person. Suddenly this person becomes so much more alive to you. Ever felt that way before?

Oh I will miss Gong Yoo for the next 2 years. He has gone for military service on 14th January. Sometimes after you've met a person whom you are attracted to, it's more often than not, too late. Happens a lot in real life. Anyway, its just my craze for korean dramas that makes me reflect at times

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