Monday, January 28, 2008

A forgotten love


And I should start my rusty engines running after such a long silence. I've forgotten when was the last time I had the discipline and excitement of finishing a book. Now, I only read pages...uhmmmm, at times it's a shame to say, only paragraphs just before I tuck into bed. The culprit that has taken over my love for books - THE IDIOT BOX. I finished Heroes Season 2, part 1 and endless Korean dramas and a list of movies and and...ok, back to books..

I used to love reading because growing up, mom kept me away from mixing with the kids in the neighbourhood, which turns out to be a good thing. I grew up near the marketplace on one of the busiest roads in penang, so you can imagine the kind of person I should turn out to be if I mixed with the wrong kids. I had strict bedtime, strict TV time (although that remained my weakness til this very day) and a strict + fierce dad. Reading was a great friend to a child growing up without siblings, at least for 11 years. Books gave me the freedom of imagination and developed a thinking mind.

I used to love books to the extend my books were removed at dinner table because I read them during meals. It's too bad my sister did not pick up this reading habit but instead the Idiot Box-ing habit. Argghhh

For now, let me try to finish this book. Should be a good one.
For One More Day

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