Thursday, January 24, 2008

You choose what?

Over dinner 2 nights ago, a friend asked...

Friend A: Eh what would you choose? Intelligience or money?
Friend B: Money la of cos! If I got money, I can hire intelligient people to work for me
Friend C: *laughs*
Enn@j: Eh but if you got money and no intelligience, how you know who to hire?
Friend A: True also la...later the intelligient ones that you hire can manipulate you and take over your money
Friend B: Still I choose money cos money can do a lot of things. You got money, you don't need intelligience la.
Enn@j: I still choose intelligience cos it's something you have for life, no one can take away from you wan ok? Money can come and go anytime
Friend B: You see all the intelligient people where got rich wan? They also work for rich people nia mah.
Friend C: *listening and processing*
Friend A: Money is rather an important thing la. If can, i wanna have both ler. If not, I still choose money lor. I can do more things with money
Enn@j: So means conclusion is?
Friend C: I still choose money

Friend A, B and C chose money, only I chose intelligience.
I wonder was that an intelligient choice?

You leh, you choose what?

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