Thursday, February 14, 2008

2 weeks ago

Bidding my goodbyes...teamates. I'm really thankful for this team

Bidding my goodbyes...Bridget, team laeder. She made a difference to me :)I proudly call her friend now. Thank You for everything Bridget!

Bidding my goodbyes...the rest of my dear colleagues

Our leng Lui terkenal

Bidding my goodbyes...the kindest & most gentleman guy I've ever come across

The friend who gave me a job in the first place. Thanks Nikki! Yes, everything that happened has a purpose

Bidding my goodbyes...the awesome view, driving to work


* for those of you who can spot the difference in my appearance, yes I have grown chubbier! :( So don't say I can't put on weight punya orang

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