Friday, March 07, 2008

Tomorrow Malaysia Decides

8th March 2008
The Malaysian Election Day!

The turnout for DAP-PKR ceramah at Han Chiang College basketball court yesterday night in Penang! 60,000 rakyat with RM123,000 raised!

And there is no need for free food, kerusi to sit or 'rewards' to those who turn up. Looks like all those $$$ spent on advertisements on national TV, papers, radio are such a waste of our money. If the product is good, no need so hard sell la. I'm quite fed up watching ads on TV these days that kept repeating the core message of, what I sum them up to, "Why fix what is not broken?". Hello, certain things can't be fixed when it's broken you know? Have you examined the cracks? Just like building houses on reclaimed lands which has been struck by Tsunami previously. Suicide-lah tu! Memang foundation dah salah pun. Lagi-lagi nak garanti takkan tenggelam.

For more details, read here The people ROARED at Han Chiang yesterday!

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