Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Chapter for Malaysia

The 12th Malaysian election carved a milestone in history last saturday with BN's big lost to the opposition.
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Penang was a hot seat, being the kampung halaman for both our prime minister and ex-deputy prime minister. The pressure is on. Our dear Pak lah retained his seat for Kepala Batas but lost the confidence of his own people in Penang. BIG LOSS.

I went for my first ceramah on Friday, the eve of election with
Marion &
For the first time, I heard Anwar in person. I felt goose bumps during his ceramah and it stirred my heart to join the crowd in thunderous claps and shouts. The 3 of us sungguh bersemangat and proceeded to DAP's ceramah right after. We got lost trying to locate the place and missed Guan Eng's session (by the way, he is our new Penang Chief Minister!) when we finally made it but it's all good because we heard Karpal Singh and Jeff Ooi. Superb! That night, I could feel the unity of races

This is a new chapter for Malaysia, with 5 states handed over to the opposition and BN only managed a simple majority for Parliament. I'm excited for Malaysia, especially for Penang but I must admit, I'm also ashamed that I'm not part of this round's election as a registered voter. I will rectify my mistake for the next election...the next 4 years will help me decide who to vote for. For now, the change is a fresh beginning towards a better nation

MAKKAL SHAKTI! (People's Power)
Praise God for the new dawn for my country

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