Tuesday, May 06, 2008

me updating...

Ok I think I've been missing for quite a while but I'm loving my job! :) I'm living my dream job, i guess. Haha

Okies, if you find no entries here, always, ALWAYS go to World Vision Malaysia's Official Blog cos that's where I blog now, mostly.

Let me do a quick update since my new adventures begun a month plus ago with World Vision Malaysia. I work as a Promotion & Communications person, handling the media. In just a short period, I have had the privilege to travel to Kota Bharu, Kelantan and Kuching, Sarawak for One Life Revolution. But hey that's not all....I'm travelling again in June to Laos! and as if that is not good enough, *drum rolls please* Michael Wong, the chinese singer named Guang Liang will be going too! Can't believe? neither can I at first!

I was also given my 'moments of fame', haha, yesterday. Given the privilege to emcee for 30-Hour Famine Press Conference.Woohooo...surprisingly, I wasn't nervous for a first timer, perhaps was too busy preparing for the press conference itself. I have to give credit to my co-host, he is really great! And a friend just sms me as I'm writing this that she saw me on 8TV!

Pictures from World Vision Malaysia Facebook

I just wanna say THANK YOU GOD for all these. You amazes me. Indeed, its a great beginning to adventures and like all adventures, it's not always a smooth road. But I'm really happy at where I am now :)

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