Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's in a bus ride?

After lunch with my dear friend who is now the Special Assistant to the State Exco for Penang (watever that means?!;p), I took Rapid Penang home. It's good to go back to your roots once in a while, that's how I used to travel before I started driving. Its been ages since my last ride.

I like the Rapid - didn't have to wait long, was clean and no reckless driving. In that short 20 minutes ride, I observed life unfolds - ordinary, real people. Both the young and the old. Then, I walked home, 10 minutes from where I stopped. Along the way,YUM! my favourite roti bak kua stall by the roadside! Chatted with the aunty while waiting for my share and again, observed life - ordinary, real people.

On Sunday, I took the bus home again with mom after church because many were not free to send us home. Again, I observed life. I jokingly told my mom, "Its mother's day so I'm taking you for a bus ride!". I think it was quite a memorable ride - brought me back to the times when I used to ride with her anywhere.

"What's in a bus ride?" you may asked. Well, take a ride and observe life for yourself. Maybe it'll be different from mine but at the end of my journey both days, it made me smile :) I'm not telling you what "life" I experienced because life is meant to be experienced yourself. I'm just telling you bus rides and walks allow you to 'see' life - ordinary, real lives.

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