Monday, June 30, 2008

Her name is Lilies

I have a new addition to my room and I'm happy about it.
Introducing Lilies...

How Much do they cost?
Vase - RM5
Lilies - RM10 for 3 (do they look real?)
Jelly - RM2.50
Arrangement - Free, myself.
Total = RM17.50.
Cool eh? It cost a bomb to buy off the shelf and I may not prefer the arrangement or combination of colours between the vase, flowers, stuff you put into the vase. My buddy, Dr Gan, was in town and we met up over lunch in Mid Valley. Found this small stall selling artificial flowers which looked really real and I must say, they are very pretty...unlike those you find in Jusco. Thanks Dr Gan for your excellent advises! (yes, he is a Vet and he is also good with floral arrangements...and no, he is not what you may be thinking. He likes girls).

What a nice afternoon spent *big smile*. Perhaps I should do a part time *wink*

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