Thursday, July 10, 2008


Thy will be done
Sometime well understand

Dearly Beloved Husband of
Evelyn Mary Duncan
Died 7 July 1931
Age 43

These were the writings engraved on the tombstone. I noticed the difference here is, the deceased was only referred to as “Andrew”. He was only 43. And it happened exactly 77 years and 3 days ago.

Ever since I knew of this peculiar tombstone that has a life-sized dog carved on it, I was always intrigued by this story. I’ve heard of it years back when I was still schooling but it was only somewhere last year that I finally paid a visit to the famous Western Road Christian Cemetery, just to take pictures of this particular tomb.

I named the dog “Faithful”. This is how he captured my heart...

Andrew passed away and Faithful refused to eat or drink ever since then. He was filled with sorrow and everyday, Faithful would make his way to his master’s tomb, refusing to return home. One day, he too passed away because of the lack of food and overwhelmed his master’s tomb. It was believed that his current position is exactly how he was like when the caretakers found him. To remember his faithfulness to his master, a life-sized of Faithful was carved on Andrew’s tomb, just the way you can witness today. The story of “Faithful” was published in the local papers many years back.

He may just be any regular dog but this particular one is a full expression of being faithful. He demonstrated much compassion than some humans. He must have truly loved his master until it cost his life. I supposed Andrew was all he has, Andrew was his life.

Who is this Andrew anyway? I tried goggling this story up but can’t seem to find anything. There was no family name.

If you ever visit Penang, which by the way, has been listed on Monday at Quebec as one of the World’s Heritage Sites by Unesco, do pay a visit to Andrew’s “Faithful”. Just take the right fork at the entrance, go straight down and just keep a lookout on your left. Observe carefully the expression of his face and how well "Faithful" was carved with details.

I may sound like a freak but I like this cemetery. It is well kept and there is a sense of peace here and some of the writings engraved on the tombs are rather interesting. Of course, my great grandma and my grandparents were buried here. It was at my grandparents’ funeral a few years back that I learnt of some of my family’s history. It awed me.

Has it ever occurred to you what will be engraved on your tomb when you are gone? What will be said of you? How will you be remembered?

In fact, the writings engraved are not on how one died but on how one lived, what is said of a person when alive.

As for me, I don’t have much to give but I hope I have given my heart in every friendship, whether brief or everlasting ones, just like “Faithful”.

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