Saturday, September 06, 2008

Holiday-ing Siem Reap, Merdeka!

This is the first holiday I've ever taken out of the country...perhaps, even the first 'actual' holiday I've ever taken in my life so far and I thank God for such opportunity.

Sunset at Phnom Ba Kheng.
This is my first sunset encounter and I love it! I love, I hope to catch an equally beautiful sunrise :)

When I was much younger, I wanted to be an archeologist, thanks to Indiana Jones. Partly, my dream of stepping on the grounds of an ancient city came true through the magnificient beauty of Angkor Wat. History comes alive!

More adventures at Angkor Thom. Here, it began to drizzle...

Here in Bayon, I stepped into the grounds of another ancient city in the middle of a jungle called, Ta Prohm. Another peculiar sight with its giant trees outgrew the angkor over the decades. If only trees could talk, we would have known history a little more...accurately, maybe?

Actual pictures are found in my facebook

If you haven't been to this World Heritage Site, do so fast as conservation work is taking place actively and rumors has it that more areas will be closed in near future. I do have a tip for you, please DO NOT wear contact lenses in Cambodia. The roads are dusty and weather is very dry. On a last note, you MUST not miss this ancient city so close to us. Cest Magnifique!

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