Thursday, September 04, 2008

Enn@j is medically down

*cough cough* and 1 day later, my system totally broke down. Walau eh...see what difference can a day make?

I must say its been a LONG time since I fell sick and sick to this extend. Yesterday night was long and miserable...while watching WallE (I like WallE!...ok that's a different story altogether), I was already feeling feverish. My appetite totally dropped at dinner. I knew it was coming but I didn't know it would this bad.

Thank God for an angel, my housemate's mom who happened to be visiting and she gave me fresh coconut drink to cool my system down + honey & cinnamon power mixed remedy.

Coughing til my T-zone area was in pain whole night with fever off and on. Woke up feeling blur and a headache and my throat was dry. Finally I gave in, I went to the doctor and well, he gave me an MC and a loads of medication to consume. Said my throat is pretty badly infected as well as sinus infection which explained the pain on my T-zone area. I dislike medication and having to eat roti, I want my RICE!

On a final note, in times like this, I especially missed home...yes yes, I am lamenting on this post but like-lah I have much readers to lament to. Haha ok switching to *resting mode*.

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