Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mama Mia!

Wai Yin wanted to watch this and this gal has never ajak me for movies plus she declined every time I ajak her! Haha. And so I went. Didn't have much expectations on Mama Mia, thought it'll just be a so-so movie but I must admit, I really enjoyed it with such a huge smile on my face when it ended :)

The songs, I love the songs! Those were the ones I listened to growing up, although it's vaguely in my memories somewhere. Abba was brilliant for their time. I think my mom and dad should enjoy this because it's after all, reminiscence of their past.

Meryl Streep awed me with her performance and the two supporting actresses got me in stiches almost throughout! Not to mention that sweet voice of Amanda Seyfried and the BEaaaUUUtiFULLLL shooting location in Greece! (read here if you want to find out more about the locations)

The only down side was when Pierce Brosnan sang. And he looked very different now from his Bond days, BIG difference.


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不良 said...

oh yeah. Pierce Brosnan got a very big tummy now. No more bond body.