Saturday, October 04, 2008

Eagle Eye

Yes, another movie review.

Can't help but to put this one up because it's GOOD, I tell you again - IT'S GOOD! CEKAP! Wouldn't mind watching it again and I don't do that very often. My friend Stella, was holding on to her jacket from the first minute till the last because it was so 'kan cheong'.

Eagle Eye is currently America's #1 movie and its obvious why it deserves such ranking. The plot was brilliant, action-packed all the way, the actors were excellent in their roles. Keeps you stuck to your seats throughout because there were no boring moments nor time to 'pause and breathe'. I usually like to figure out who the villain is or what is the 'agenda' behind the plot in movies that require some thinking but this one, I must say...I didn't figure out fast enough.
And again, it raises a question to us reconsider humanity. One thing's for sure, technology can be scary after watching this movie.

I didn't watch Transformers.
(yes, I missed one of the biggest movies of the year) but that dude, Shia Labeouf, he is one outstanding talent. I was suprised when I wiki-ed him up, only 22 years old!

He has an added fan in yours truly now.
(just his on screen charisma, not his personal life though).

Go catch it! It's really worth your time and $ :)

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