Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Reflections from Cambodia (I)

This is officially my first post from where I'm residing now, finally civilisation has visited my home. Ahhhh...

I was away for the entire of last week to the land of the Khmers, Cambodia. No doubt, it was one of the most tiring time of my life having had to fly off the morning after being all soaked in 30-Hour Famine...but there are no complaints because what I gained both from the Famine and the Regional Communications Conference far outweighed the tiredness.

I haven't recollected my thoughts yet but the conference was a humbling experience - to meet the 'family members of World Vision' from other regions and to listen to their challenges, inspired me so much. They have gone through so much more in the course of their work even though we belong to the same organisation. In short, we who lived in Malaysia are very much a blessed lot. And I really mean it in terms of economy and the political situation as well as the religion freedom that we have here.

No country is perfect but we here, do not have major natural disasters; never really knew what its like to have lost our homes or loved ones or live in desperate poverty or denied a chance to basic education or having to beg for food. Although it's true that there are poor people everywhere in the world, even in our country itself but there is a vast difference being poor because of laziness or being poor because one lack opportunities for a better future.

My first reflection comes from the people working all around the world in an organisation that I have slowly grown attached to, World Vision. Their persistence, humilty, skills and passion told me that I am not alone in this journey. There are people around the world who are working so that humans elsewhere can also thrive to experience life to its fullness, especially children. Simply because, children are the most vulnerable and they are our next generation. Everyone deserved life to its fullness, don't you think so? And it should be our responsibilities, as the more blessed lot, to help the poor to get there. Remember, poverty doesn't necessary equals laziness. We all speak difference languages, came from different backgrounds but it was really encouraging to know we are all working towards the same vision. Its quite amazing if you think about it...

Just some of these cool people from all over!
China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Kore, Mongolia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada...

Have you seen how cambodian children lived? I the next few days when I went to Siem Reap for a short break, I have seen how most of them lived and in my opinion, they shouldn't have to lived in such ways. There was a sight which disturbed me even as I write this...and that I will share, in my next reflection..

When I first joined this organisation, I remember writing that I hope my time with them should change me. I think...slowly, it is changing my worldviews. After all, it should...because one cannot, not be changed after being shown a little more of the world

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