Friday, October 10, 2008

Klang Valley Bible Conference 2008

KVBC 2008

Date: October 13th-15th
Time: 8:15 pm nightly
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Ash, Director of The Cornhill Training Course
Theme: Out of the Storm: Expositions from the book of Job

Venue: Malaysia Airlines Academy
2, Jalan SS 7/13, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

Do we live in a well-run world? How does God treat his friends?
These are important questions. If we don’t live in a well-run world, we’re in deep trouble and must wonder if there really is a good and all-powerful God running it. And if Christian people think God has made us his friends, we really ought to know how he is likely to treat us. On the face of it, we live in a badly-run world in which God treats his friends especially badly. Good things happen to bad people and very bad things happen to good people. How can we make sense of this? The Bible book of Job offers surprising and life-changing truth to shed light on these perplexing questions.

October 13th
Job 2:11 - 3:26
'Weep with those who weep'.
October 14th
Job 19
'Is God for me or against me?'
October 15th
Job 38:1 - 42:6
'The God who is God'

Admission is free.


The Hedonese said...

Hi Joanne,

The Church in Malaysia urgently needs to develop a thoughtful and comprehensive answer to contemporary challenges to its life and mission. In response to this task Kairos Research Centre was set up in 1993 by a group of evangelical leaders...

We are in the process of setting up a committee of people who are keen
- to form study/research groups,
- organize events/forums that encourage and facilitate Christian reflection on issues relevant to Malaysian Christianity,
- do research/write
- make availble the rich library resources at Kairos to contribute towards the development of Christian leaders and thinkers.

So if you are keen or know anyone who would be keen to join and participate on a voluntary or salaried basis. Do let us know at hedonese at yahoo dot com

enn@j said...

Hi Hedonese,

Thanks for dropping by.

I'm interested to know more and explore. If I bump into you tomorrow at kvbc, do let me know the details.

Maybe I can try to present this idea to my sr pastor in pjefc.