Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Do you know how it feels like to be voiceless?
I do, literally.

Because I am voiceless now. I can't speak. I've killed my voice 2 days ago. And boy...I realized, how I love talking!
My friend jokingly said, "Finally, you are sparing your friends their ears!"
And another colleague said, "Wow, it felt so peaceful suddenly."

Teehee. I'm not even used to myself! It's really challenging not being able to speak, not to have a voice. Sign language definitely will come in handy in times like this, provided someone understands what I'm 'saying'.

If I find it challenging, what more those who can't speak for the rest of their lives? Those who are living with 'disabilities' (I don't like to use this word if I can think of a better word. Anyone?). But don't be mistaken that those who cannot speak doesn't necessarily mean they don't have a voice. Not being able to talk does not discount the fact that one's voice will not be heard.

Perhaps, when I have the time...I will pick up some basic sign languages. I will be heard, with or without a voice (not in an arrogant manner but in the tone of remembering those who cannot speak for themselves).

And I just want to say the last 2 1/2 days spent in Kuantan was simply indescribable.
Thank you to my 'family' in WV!

Mr Liew, if you are reading my blog again (and I hope you do this time), I just want to say Thank You for being such a great boss (even though you don't like to be called 'boss'..teehee ;p and greatness is not because you are a boss, but because you are so down to earth)

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