Saturday, November 01, 2008

"Hi bunny! Here is Fatty"

Andrew was given 3 words ('Hi', 'Bunny', 'Fatty') to recite a poem to Jessey and he did it in a line, "Hi bunny! Here is Fatty!". Haha.

I remember those initial days when she 'fell in love' with Andrew and kept it a secret, deceived some of us that it was her colleague when we have all guessed it right that it was Andrew.

Jessey was my cell member and neighbour, I literally lived next door to her. In fact, she was more than that. She was and still is one of my good friends, and for this I am thankful. Being neighbour with her allowed our friendship to blossomed over time. With her, you don't have to worry of a dull moment because jessey is an expert in talking. But beneath all those chatterbox, is a girl with an amazing heart of gold for people and God.

Dear Jessey, I will be missing you soon but I share your Joy this day that you are embarking on a new journey, sharing your life with your lovely chubby hubby :) Thank you for everything and Congratulations to Mrs Jessey Yeoh! I am truly happy for you. I know Andrew will take good care of you, as it showed in the song he composed and sang for you. Please don't deprive him of his daily dosage of food ya.

God bless you both always...

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