Saturday, November 15, 2008

Standing Out

Necklaces at Amcorp Flea Market.


arryroo said...

She asked me to leave a comment about this photo... I was half asleep at that time... But what caught my tired eyes at the first glance wasn't the black round thingy that she focused on with her lense.. it was the overall feeling... "Such a colourful and cheerful picutre", I thought~

"Standing out" is the title.. I saw~ And then it was a different touch of the photo then.. Came across on my mind was, "hrmm, feels like they are people on the streets.. from all walks of live, with different personalities, styles of living, characteristics. They are all the same, human, yet projecting their own opinion and thoughts... But only THE ONE who is special will catch your eyes..."

The picure then changed and brought me to the vision of the faces that I recently met; be it new person or long lost friends, the ones who I have not seen for ages and the one who I met, say hi then bye... but they play an important role in a way or more of their own in my life... Love, laughter, warmth, motivation, surprises, tears, anger, sadness, fear and more they gave...

But then again, I reliased, "Is that Black Necklace outstanding because of its uniqueness or it's because of the rest that are supporting there makes it shine~"

I would say, it's the people around you who brings up the best in yourself allowing you to STAND OUT loud~

enn@j said...

wow arryroo...thanks for your 'footprints' here!

It's amazing how just a picture can bring about such deep thoughts you have :)