Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Yu Xie" Music Awards @ Genting

I hope I got the chinese title right. Yes, thanks to the passes given by Michael's (Guang Liang) assistant, I was there with a few colleagues. Not that I know who is who but I guess, I know enough to recognize them (the artistes).

But there was one particular up and rising singer-composer which I particularly would like to highlight. His name is Wu Jia Hui 伍家辉 (The Star article on him). He was my schoolmate and has been singing since school days and to see him achieving the level of success he has now as a newcomer makes me genuinely happy for him!

Too bad I didn't managed to catch him on camera at red carpet. He was so surprised when I called him name and even came over to shake my hands and seemed like he wanted to talk a little more but the cameraman signaled him to walk on :( But still, I'm so proud of him! Support him all you readers! I believe he will go far :)

Here are some pictures, for my friends who have been bugging me. I'm sorry its been a hectic week. I will upload the rest on FB later on.
The opening

The lady in the middle is an excellent actress in Money No Enough 2 and recently got nominated in Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Kristy & Quinn, this is a picture especially posed for you both. I told him "my friends want your picture, so please pose".

Ah Niu, looking real good and still as boyish as ever.

These are for Sharon.

Victor, Fish & Michael.

Bumping into ex-colleagues, from 988 radio station, were pleasant.

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