Monday, December 01, 2008

"Man of Vision"

It's been a long time since books move me to tears. This did. And it never failed each time I resume reading from where I last paused. Here is a book written with so much honesty of the real struggles of a man who gave birth to one of the largest humanitarian organisations today.

It opened up a new understanding for me. I recommend you to read it. More so, if you are associated with World Vision.

Bob Pierce, the founder of two of the world's most notable Christian ministries, was a man of intense spiritual passion and clear vision. This gripping biography balances Bob's tragic mistakes with the great achievements God accomplished through him. It shows how God's grace and power can accomplish amazing things through less-than-perfect human vessels. Today, World Vision and Samaritan's Purse bring physical and spiritual transformation to millions of desperately needy people around the world.

"This book is a combination of an enjoyable novel and a believable biography—like an excerpt from a Bible character's life. But above all, it's a testimony. And, like every testimony that glorifies Jesus Christ, there is an overcoming power in it."

President, International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

"Marilee's heartbreakingly beautiful, honest account of the ministry and marriage of her parents is a definite must for Christians at all stages of pilgrimage."


"We are used to frank biographies, especially of film stars and entertainers, but this book sets a new record for the evangelical world. The daughter who chronicles this heartbreaking story clearly loves—yes adores—her father. It is a great literary coup."

Author of Jungle Pilo
Author Bio

Marilee Pierce-Dunker, the daughter of Bob Pierce, educates churches and ministries throughout the US about World Vision and its international child sponsorship programs.

Before joining World Vision's staff, she served in a variety of roles including single's minister, Bible study teacher, retreat speaker, author, and radio host. In addition to this book, Marilee has written two others: A Braver Song to Sing and Walker's Point. She has also hosted her own radio show, "Let's Talk."

Marilee and her husband, Robert Dunker, reside in Southern California and have two grown daughters, Michelle and Stacey.

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