Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The boys I miss...

Jokingly, my good friend banned me from talking about my work for a month! Haha. It made me realized, nowadays my life = my work. What do I talk about besides work these days? Oh no, I've become such a workaholic! :p

Let's put work aside tonight, I just had dinner with 3 friends whom I'm thankful for - Phui, Praveen and Pek. Met them years back in uni, at different phases. Tonight's dinner made me miss the good ol' times as an undergrad not because the uni was cool in any ways but because of the people I spent time with...some of the boys.

I feel like naming them tonight...some of which I have not seen for ages and others which I have not been in constant contact with but tonight, I remember them in my 'lack of memory space'. They each brought a smile as I reflect their faces:

Phui (not a boy but well, she's an exception) - we often sung our hearts out as we scoot away on the roads of UPM and became buddies over the years. Can't imagine life without her...ok, that doesn't sound right. I shall stop right here.

Praveen - nama glamour now is Dr. Abraham; always trying to outdo each other in lameness and sarcasm. A passenger who only needs to put both legs down and stand up as I scoot away when he has reached his destination. I still think he is a somewhat genius for the many talents he has. Such high intelligence mortal befriending a normal soul like me...haha, I'm honored. Yeah right *scoffs*

Sian Lerk - he who pretended to be my blood related brother and we managed to tricked a few. Most of the time, I still don't understand how his IT brain works. Can't he speak normal english? *yawns* Lameness but yea, he is my 'bla-duh'.

Patrick - the one who gave me a tin of luncheon meat for graduation! With his partner-in-crime, Jerome, always cracked jokes on me, played pranks and laughed at me. They seemed to find joy in those. I miss him. When are you coming back?

Ken-Horng - I thought his name sounds 'horny'! He is probably the most irritating person whose level of sarcasm and insults can make a girl cry but at the same time, loved. Today, a changed man and a good husband, I still thinks he is a 'stitch' but stitch is a good friend.

Bla-duh aka Sian Lerk, Emorej aka Jerome, Yellow-Mee aka Jeremy


kiawin said...

emm.. i want my photos!! hahaha

enn@j said...

just take lah duh