Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's been awhile since my last post on a movie.
INKHEART. Yes, Inkheart.

To say that it was fantastic, it isn't so but good enough to get me into its world. I'm not really going to do any movie reviews here, lest I gave away the spoilers. After all, it was free passes given by my dear friend, aleeeeehut for premier screening! (Thanks, again...for 2 nights in a row with Brides War yesterday)

Anyhow, this movie made me think about the stories God has 'written' for each of us in His book. Of course, He didn't literally have to write 'em but yea, we are like different characters He has created. A particular part got me thinking - one of Inkheart's characters, Dustfinger was struggling to be selfish or to help others. But he is not a bad person, I believe to a certain extend we all have the potential to do evil and our hearts waver at times. At that point, Dustfinger made his choice to save himself first but the author who created him said this "Dustfinger, just because I've written you to be selfish doesn't mean you have to be one". It made me reflect upon the concept of Freewill that God includes for us when He writes our stories.

God writes our stories - I said writes because we are not past tense. I'm not good in explaining my thoughts as well as CS Lewis does but God sees the beginning to the end in our stories.

Just a random thought from a tired mind. Anyway, it's 12.35am.
Good night...but do check this young handsome guy out - Ravi Gavron aka Farid in Inkheart. I have a feeling he is an up-and-rising star, esp after this movie ;)

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