Thursday, February 19, 2009

MR. J, Taipei

I just returned from Taipei ( are taken via a normal digital camera) and while I will not be elaborating on the purpose of my trip, there is particularly a place which thrilled me! It's probably one of the best surprises this year!

I first met Miriam last year in Cambodia at our Regional Conference and we have kept in touch since then. From my months ago chats with her, she knew I fancied Jay Chou and I once casually asked if she knew of Jay's restaurant opened in one of the universities in Taiwan. She had no idea then.

Little did I know she made reservations at MR. J! Taking the extra efforts to google, she found out there is another branch in the town of Taipei. Can you imagine my level of excitementsssss when I found out what she did?!
A French-Italian Restaurant

Jay's pic was on one of the walls. He looked erhmmm a bit weird here.

This is probably the nearest I can get to Jay ;p

My colleague's Farfalle, which turned out to be the 'topic' of the night

I don't know why Betty Boob is in the restaurant but Mindy wanted a shot with her, so here goes...

Miriam, I'm forever grateful to you :) THANK YOU, 谢谢你!

Although my stay is short but Taiwan is a beautiful place to visit - put this place into your list if possible :) If you love FOOD, good bargains of clothes (those that are not branded and you love to mix & match) and would like to improve your mandarin, take a trip here and stay longer.
YUMMY Taiwan Sausages!

That's fried oyster and guess what's behind? ---> Stinky Taufu!

Of course, the ever famous Bubble Tea, where the 'bubbles' come in small or large sizes.

Shihlin Night Market - where you can shop till 2am!

The best months to travel would be around October-November. Taipei is not a new city but there is a sense of feeling which I love being there and I'm a lover of mini stuff; all the shops here are small (due to lack of space).

Japanese influences are still quite evident here...but there is a nice feeling that Taiwan remained very much Chinese yet with a Japanese flavour added every now and then. And most importantly, their public transportation is very efficient, with 7-eleven stalls at almost every few steps away. It was 19C when I landed...I could take long strolls forever in that weather. Ahhhh *smiles*
At a restaurant called "The Top", overlooking Taipei city - scenic.

And I found this shop "Naturally JOJO"...haha naturally me??? (ahem perasan)

Bidding my yet another country with a character of its own. I count it my privilege to be enriched with every travel.


kiawin said...

wahh... beli nice sausage ;) where's your canon eos 1000?

enn@j said...

aiya too bulky to bring around la.
yes the sausages are beli beli nice!

Anonymous said...

jojo - envynya....