Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SPM nerves!

This is my beloved sister and her SPM results will be out a few hours' time! Hahaha, I can imagine her 'kan-cheongness'. She was already having nightmares of how many C and D she got. Her biggest fear is being afraid of people laughing at her and the expectations of others on her.

Pictures taken 2 years ago.

I know she'll be just fine. No matter what results she gets, as long as she has done her best, I'm happy enough. No matter what, she is my dear sister. I must say she is definitely more hardworking than me! More disciplined than me! And have a better studying environment and less fearful dad than during my years of her age.

Anyways, don't worry too much lah. Haiyo. Just go to sleep for now ;)

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