Friday, May 13, 2005

Injustice at work!

Today, i finally felt the injustice at much so that i voice it out loud to my boss. Actually i observed what was going on since i came in but tolerated loh til today, i decided to be heard. And well my appraisal is next month...perhaps going down the drain.

Too much to be blogged down but its really injustice strongly felt!!!



joygee said...

ennaoj, it's me yoj (ur fellow dancer) ;) just read ur blog abt the injustice in ur work place... oh man, it must be really tough for u... will definitely pray for u... see ya tomolo!!

Sze Zeng said...

Hey, don have to be down. You did the right thing. You spoke out what your boss ought to hear. Even if the appraisal is going bad, you are not hold accountable to it. You are accountable to God through your conscience.

But the appraisal is still a mystery, you wont know what you will get; just as i din know what will I get for my SPM last time.


kiawin said...

tak apo.... justice at above :)

kiawin said...

btw.. not afraid boss see this? ;)

enn@j said...

Thanks people for dropping your comments here =)

searching heart : now that u've known the whole story, a better picture huh?

sze zeng : no worries, im not down at all. Appraisal is just man's evaluation, it won't kill me.

kiawin : yes, i know who my "Boss" is and He definately sees this entry :)

enn@j said...

sze zeng,

so what did u get for your SPM last time?