Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I resigned

Jeremiah 29:11
Yesterday, I tendered in my resignation. It was a decision that needed to be made in such a short period of time over the weekend due to an offer I received to go back to TV production work which required me to start next week.
I have another interview awaiting in Penang this saturday morning...just got the call yesterday afternoon =)
I must say my 8 months here has opened my eyes to how real the working world can be and learn to exercise wisdom in trusting people around, to learn to work without being appreciated and at times being criticized for faults not of yours, to witness injustice and in small ways trying to make a diiference and yet risking the chances of favor from boss. Most of all, to learn that all these must not take away the Joy i already have and not to be weighed down. To keep focus, to look up and to continue the journey set before me...at this point of time, Im reading Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. Christian's journey has much encouraged my own walk
Perhaps a lot may say in the short time of 2 1/2 years upon graduation, I have moved into my 4th job-to-be. Yes, I was concern as well due to the fact that I don't stay long at a place, how will this show in my resume? But u know...God's timing is PERFECT. I don't expect such changes to take place in my life, even I am surprised by the offer that comes knocking and this is not the first time life just turns and twists by the Hands that made it. Moving on once again to a brand new challenge...nervous and excited.
What i write in my blog is only a small piece in my journey, perhaps only 20%...there are so much more which is unsaid.

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Isaac said...

Hey Yen Chin, I wud just say God has placed in your hands great tools to serve HIM! When I say "Serve" it does not mean only in church but right where you are, at home, work, circle of friends.

Yes there cud be tough situations, hurts and difficulties. I wud like to encourage you. Be still and just know that God is still there for you tho at times you may not sense or feel it.

So ya, just hope that you can be encouraged. Be Still And Know That HE is GOD!