Tuesday, August 09, 2005

After a while of silence...

Realised the effectiveness of having a blog when friends sms me after reading the post of me resigning and many thought I will be going back to Penang. Thanks to those who took the efforts to keep in touch with me upon reading my blog. Ahhhh...great, dun have to cerita repeatedly cos blog will do it for those who have been reading =)
Ok, let me just clarify and update you good people out there what has been going on i my life since the last entry. I have started a new job in tv production last tuesday but for this 2 days, things are a little uncertain for the next season after our meeting yesterday with the client due to many issues to be sorted out. So hopefully, I'll still have a job...
Weekend was simply wonderful...have been busy with church's drama rehearsals for the past 2 months plus and "A Little Less Conversation" opened last Friday and the final show was on Sunday night. It was full house or at least, almost full house everyday and there were a few salvations and rededications. It was really tiring for the whole cast and crew, especially the dancers but it was all worth the efforts and late nights of rehearsals. I must say I met a fun and great bunch of people through this production and kinda missed the rehearsals now. Senior pastor treated all cast and crew to mamak on the final night, longest table of people I've encounter so far
Had a second interview as the MD (only 34 years old, young but started from a very tough life) of the penang company was down in KL, a casual one which lasted for 2 hours! We exchange our views in life and he shared a lot on what the company is built on. Very interesting character, I must say of the MD. Ended up gave him a book "Reason to Believe" which I bought recently and had it with me cos he is an avid reader but never read any christian books. If all goes well and Im offered the job, yea...I'll be going back to Penang. Now as I blog, dunno yet...it all depends on the offer happen or not lor.
Signing off as for now...lunch

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