Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Ok, I was feeling real sleepy and so I decided to take a few minutes nap at work. I did and it was really scary. The few minutes seemed like I've been gone for a few hours!

I had a day-mare and lots of pictures just flashed in my head, honestly I can't remember anything now but I struggled to wake up! I tried to wake up and I just couldnt't, my hands and feet just went numb and I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth! The only body part that could move was just my head and so I had to shake it hard enough to make my whole self awake. When I woke up, my hands really felt weak and I believe that I really did shake my head to wake myself up.

This isn't the first time I experienced such thing but it has been a long time since my last experience, maybe few years ago? I breathed deeply when I woke up


@>-;-- jay said...

experienced that before too... when I stay over with a family who worship idols...

kiawin said...




night (day)



Comrade Kenny said...

Gosh, I really do hate those dreams you can't get out of, escpecially when you're fully aware that they're dreams.