Thursday, December 08, 2005

Media stress *its ringing in my head*

I must say...I need prayers, really, truly, sincerely.

Work is getting stress or perhaps I put the stress upon myself. You see? Im the one and only person in the media department for now and I report directly to my MD. My MD is a unique person, who doesnt feed you but wants to build and coach young people up. And so he tells me what is needed and then I go figure how to get thing done, set my own datelines, arrange to meet him for discussions of topics to help with my work ( I gotta think of what are the stuff I need to go about), present to him my results and then, he will mould me from there. With my lack of experience, I am expected to develop a system for the media department and eventually grow the department.

I am pretty lost and slowly picking up and trying to put the pieces of puzzles together. I can tell you this is really streching me. I don't know if I've met anyone in the complicated media industry who at this age, develop their own system and grow the department. System means, all details to be put down in black and white so that future new hires and myself now, know whats going on and how to go about in media.

There's of course, fear in me that I can't make it. And if by 3 months probation period, my boss thinks there's no potential in's gonna be over, trust me. That wouldnt look good on a christian rite? But if my boss sees a glimpse of potential in me, then I suppsose the future is quite bright ahead. Please pray I find favor in God and my boss and loads of wisdom to go about...

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@>-;-- jay said...

I'm sure He will guide you through. Amen!