Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm still alive-lah

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  • Hippo

    Yes yes...haven't been blogging for a while. This is just to let everyone know I'm still alive-lah

    1.Last weekend's play in Actors Studio Greenhall have turned out wonderful-er than I thought and indeed, I have everything to Thank God for. THANK YOU to those who came to support!

    2.Been sick-ish as the CNY weather hits. I dislike taking medication 'cause they made me really blur and weak, so i stopped taking for the weekend cos I needed to be alert

    3.Been busy with work, rehearsals and another 'part-time' work, helping a friend. By the way, flowers for Valentine's Day anyone? You can order FROM me or order FOR me. Hehe

    4.Attened the first 'official' new cell group last Friday

    5.Met up with some crazy friends who drove all the way from KL to Penang just for a day on 'official business', without the realisation of their parents that they were back! LOL

    6.Met a new friend from Hong Kong who was on holiday here...he wants to be a cop when he goes back to HK! He likes Penang :)

    7.Lack of time to read lately

    8.Lack of time for exercise lately except my once a week dance class

    9.Lack of time to even explore my thoughts or day-dream.....

    10.Lack of time to re-pick up French

    11.Lack of time to catch any movies/dvds/tv. I really wanted to watch Pride & Prejudice and The 3rd Generation

    12.Just realised CNY is this weekend...haven't bought any new clothes. Actually don't plan to

    14.Can't wait to meet up with friends who will be back for CNY!

    * btw, those of you who are good in the art of make-up and professional grooming, please drop me some tips as I have to improve on these areas as per told...sigh. Yea, this so-called girlish area is what i failed, in fact i
    fail in many girlish areas. Shake head...shake head

    kiawin said...

    good la... :)

    TL said...

    poster colour can ah?

    by the way, thanx for the quote on my blog. i appreciate it!

    artisticklytouch said...

    audition coming up...check my blog..ann wants u there, thats what she told me

    can you do me a favor...promote the audition in your blog and to your friends...

    Happy chinese New Year

    Piggy said...

    Er...I'm not good in girlish stuff either...but I still survived! =)

    Btw, Happy Chinese New Year!

    enn@j said...

    hey piggy,

    thanks for dropping by ;)

    haha...yea, we will survive! Reminds me of a song!

    Gracel said...

    hie there girl
    remember me? haven seen you in quite a while.
    take care.