Wednesday, February 08, 2006

SG CNY Prosperity Dinner

Studeo Grafix Chinese New Year Prosperity Dinner 2006
Date : 27th January 2006
Venue : Deluxcious, Penang
Theme : A Night of Love
Dress Code : A little black with red / A little red with black

* Highlight of the event for me - I got a cool Adidas watch in the lucky draw! (and who's that pretty girl in red? For you to guess...)


kakikopi said...

wow! what a good draw. and fiu-weet! never seen you dress up before ;)
i was here somewhere before christmas. nice and cozy place for dinner. by the way the balinese inspired spa upstairs looks super nice.

enn@j said...


Yea..i kinda like that place too and the food's yummy! Me, was a last minute dress up and an amateur make-up

Hey...i enjoyed the pics in your blog too! :)

coolcat said...

waaah, you so hot and sexy leh! :D

artisticklytouch said...

Haiyooohhh amoi... all this while me only see you in that pinkie short or seluar yang ada tulis kat belakang tuh, kat bontot tuh... but these....


ur meletoups babe!!!1 gila babas punya anggun seh

but the make-up... he nak kena p workshop nih.. a make-up for dinner workshop.. @ TASGreenhall coming in April 2006