Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Celebration of Joy 2007 : A Christmas Open House

Our church dance picture came out today, 19th December in THE STAR METRO NORTH front page! Praise God!
Check it out northern people!

Date : 16th December, Sunday
Venue : Fort Cornwallis, Esplanade Penang

This is the 2nd year on a collaboration effort amongst the northern churches with the state government in organizing this event. What I like about this event is the old and young (as young as 4 year olds and they are really cchhhuuutteeeee) performed alongside : different cultures, ages & colours, united in one Spirit.

Some snap shots of GBC dance, we did a modern hip-hop piece with tambourine incorporated. It poured cats and dogs the moment we ended our dance. But it was awesome performing in the rain! We even have people who travelled as far as from Taiwan to join us this year! Unfortunately, the last few items were called off as there was an electricity tripped. The crowd of thousands dispersed as the rain continued to flood the fort

Our church's performance ended with SAND rendering this song, He Made A Way Through A Manger. I absolutely love it...made my bulu roma naik when singing.

More pictures from my church member friend's camera on the event
Christmas Open House

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