Monday, December 17, 2007

Wisdom Tooth Surgery!

I just came out from the dentist, a minor wisdom tooth surgery! It's PAINing now and I can hardly talk. I still have the cotton in my mouth cos it wouldn't stop bleeding!

One of the scariest thing for me is to visit the dentist. If my wisdom tooth wasn't infected and did not show signs of any pain, I will never stepped into the clinic. I went on Friday but was given medication to consume so that the pain would go away and prepare me for surgery today.

But I must say, it wasn't that bad after all during the surgery because the dentist allowed me to have my Ipod shuffle on *grin*. Ipod is a man's best friend, a true companion.

The pain I'm typing right now, is killing me! *sob sob* I still have to visit him on saturday to remove the thread sewn to my gums. *OUCH* By the way, those of you who have been through this horrifying experience, was RM450 expensive for a tooth?

Just thinking out loud, why does God allow wisdom tooth in the first place? Also, appendics? To put them there...then, we have to remove them because they don't really contribute anything but pain to our bodies (at least that's what I know). I know God does not waste his creations and there is a purpose for everything, I wonder what's in store for wisdom tooth and appendics? Hmmm...


Aronil said...

Glad the pain is now gone babes

kiawin said...

wisdomo tooth signifies your wisdom!! hahaha... just joking.. I supposed wisdom tooth is just an ordinary tooth.. maybe to reinforce other teeth as we get older, we eat more "solid" food ;)

enn@j said...

wow so 'wise' of u! :)
Happy New Year bladuh. Love u loads! Erhmm..brotherly-sisterly love ah