Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Being Bridesmaid

We all have our 'first times', don't we? This experience is one of mine and I must say, it's a pleasant one (well..except for the killing heels + overdosed make-up). Besides, what better way to close my chapter in Penang *smiles*. If only I could post up the pictures of the kids who walked down the aisle with us, they were simply adorable! This wedding was kept small & simple, held at one of the most elegant restaurants in Penang, 32 at The Mansion. The seaview was awesome, except that it rained that day

Before & After
enn@j & Marion.
I have since cut my hair short

CONGRATULATIONS KAREN! (and Sean of course!) Karen is the prettiest bride I have seen so far because she doesnt need make-up to make her look good on a normal day. Her complexion is flawless and her beauty goes beyond that. She is beautiful, both inside out.

Their wedding marked a very significant and memorable day, not only for themselves and those who celebrated with them, but the entire nation. It was on polling day and Sean (the groom) even had a big screen TV projected at dinner for live election results! But our smses results were more updated than the TV. Biasa-lah. The streets of Penang that night was unusually quiet

I will miss you girls! Thank You for the wonderful times as friends and sisters :)


artisticklytouch said...

huaaaaaa....hooooleeennggg arrr...!!!!

jatuh cinta pandang kedua!!!!

miss u much

enn@j said...

wahahaha :)
Eh im moving back to KL la.

U kat mana sekarang?