Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dark Knight - a reluctant hero?

Yesterday I finally watched Dark Knight after hearing and reading good reviews about it. As usual, last minute decision got us (my good friend and I) sitting right at the first row! (you count from the front).

I must say the movie wasn't as great as the reviews or perhaps my level of expectation was raised because of the reviews. It wasn't bad but it just wasn't great either. I enjoyed Iron Man better though. Some would object me of course, but hey I am entitled to opinions right? I thought the story telling method here was too long winded, basically going round and round the same struggles of Batman in good vs evil. My attention span was going down until a little 'twist' happened after like, an hour plus of the movie?! Walau. What 'twist'? I shall reserved my comments lest I give away the spoilers.

But I must commend Heath Ledger for his superb acting. I saw Joker throughout the movie, not Heath. It was obviously a very disturbing character to carry - because Joker wasn't exactly 100% psychotic, just a sad case of an intellectual gone bad.
And if any of you noticed, Edison Chen actually made an appearance! Where? You watch and observed for yourself. My good friend didn't noticed. I can tell you, he appeared for 3 seconds in one scene and 3 seconds is good enough for a normal person to capture an image :)

The purpose of this entry was because the was something interesting from the movie that got me thinking - the struggles of good vs evil within batman and he is, a reluctant hero. Ever wondered if a good person can actually be evil? Was Harvey Dent really a good person, a hero? No doubt, he stood up for justice but to the extend that he would take the lives of others at the cost of justice. Is this truly justice? Can this be good? And Batman's final decision to become 'Dark Knight' so that a greater good can be achieved - Is it true he has no choice but to use darkness/evil for a greater good? Can a person be a true hero with a reluctant heart? What makes a hero?

We all have,to a certain level, evil in us - the urge to do evil is a daily battle isn't it? Self-righteousness, jealously, covet, lies, sins, sex etc is a common issue but to what extend do we give in? We are all on a journey, not to become sinless but sin less. Possible, you may ask? If the Cross of Jesus Christ is real, then its possible. It's either that, or we have totally no hope. If we believe there isn't hope, then evil is now redundant. Because there shouldn't be a distinction of good and evil anymore - you can now live your life as you wish.

But don't you think, in every human...there is always a tender spot to do good? The voice of goodness may be drowned by the loud shouts of evil but its there. Which will you give in to? The soft whispers of good or the loud shouts of evil?

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